Official Merchandise

To celebrate 75 years of the Moo Duk Kwan, these limited edition official T-shirts are available.

Officially endorsed by the Kwan Jang Nim HC Hwang, and the World Moo Duk Kwan.

Remember they are limited edition, so when they are gone, they're gone!

Sizes: S35/37"  M38/40"  L41/43"  XL44/46"  XXL47/49"

Colour: Midnight Blue / Grey

Type: Fruit of the Loom

£22.00 + £2.90 postage


UK Moo Duk Kwan T shirt

Official limited edition Pin badge.

 38mm. Ideal for jackets, kit bags, hats...


£1.30 + £1.00 Postage


Are you teaching or training in Tang Soo Do or Taekwondo and wish to explore your Moo Duk Kwan heritage?...Make contact here and carry on Hwang Kee's Moo Duk Kwan legacy.

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