Happy New Year, Happy New Website!

To All Owners or Admins of Official UK club websites and Social media pages...

Kwan Jang Nim has recently set some new guidelines concerning our on-line presence.

Firstly, not to show complete Hyung of our art. demonstrate 6 - 10-second grabs and never the complete Hyung. This is to protect the standard, and create interest in official instructors / clubs and the institute.

Secondly, Only images of the MDK members in clean tidy Do Bok (not topless or T Shirts or other) when performing our art. Present a good 'figure' of healthy people which will inspire others to attend and be part of our art. Many Thanks


Are you teaching or training in Tang Soo Do or Taekwondo and wish to explore your Moo Duk Kwan heritage?...Make contact here and carry on Hwang Kee's Moo Duk Kwan legacy.

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